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First Parallel on CSS Light Web Gallery Design Nominees


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The First Parallel Authoring Tool offers a number of building-blocks (e.g. templates, snippets, activities, predefined conditions) and digital assets, stored locally or retrieved from our Web platform, that the user can use to visually assemble and create an experience scenario.

It is a map-centric tool that enables the direct creation of markers, triggers, landmarks, or zones and their association to activities of an experience. The Authoring Tool addresses different levels of skill and knowledge in programming and developing location-based experiences, from the large public to professional designers. Its interface logic reflects the different levels of expertise required as the author enters in the depth of the visual representation of the experience scenario.

The highest abstraction level exploits a set of understandable concepts such as activities, conditions and actions that only have to be linked together to create a non-linear scenario. The more advanced authoring features offer more control to the activities exposing their internal data flow structure. This is visually editable as a non-linear flow of behavioural bricks. Each of these bricks are editable in the third abstraction level, which is the scripting (LUA/JS) level.


Scalable web infrastructure that will support you whether you have 50 or 50,000 users.


An intuitive authoring tool dedicated to non-programmers.


3D GIS system to support large-scale outdoor playgrounds as well as indoor environments.


Hybrid System for location of players and assets both indoors and outdoors.


Interactive and non-linear narrative structures that allow for millions of possibilities.


A User Interface designed for a minimal learning curve yet capable of producing top quality games.


Augmented reality using anything from a smart phone to a high end MS HoloLens. Integration is easy.

Create Mixed Realities codeless

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