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First Parallel on CSS Light Web Gallery Design Nominees


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The first interactive storytelling tool for the creation of multi-participant mixed reality location-based experiences.

Codeless Scenario Authoring

Put together your own scenario and integrate your assets without writing any code. If you have the digital assets you could be on the app stores in a matter of hours. FP helps you validate your scenario and create publishable material without the need for having to write code

First Parallel offers an end-to-end solution for the authoring, publishing, execution and experiencing of location-based experiences running on smart phones and other mobile devices. Its main features include:

Visual authoring interface based on 3D GIS system.

Codeless, graphic authoring environment.

A scalable cloud-based infrastructure supporting collaborative authoring as well as the execution of the multitude of the published experiences involving numerous participants

Execution of Mixed-Reality Location-based experiences on iOS and Android.

Precision 3-D tracking of users (mobile device pointing) including hybrid indoor/outdoor accurate positioning.

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