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Experiences run as standalone applications on the players’ devices, allowing them to participate in unique gaming activities. The application can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple app-store.

Each experience is designed to support external modules to handle a large number of localization mechanisms and advanced activities such as the Advanced Augmented Reality module.

Experiences work as a client framework that is in on-going communication with the cloud-based platform, and principally the Experiencing Engine executing the experience scenario. It is not only an experiencing terminal application but is also acting like a sensing device: it gathers, holds and shares data values addressing the player while he/she is on-site – such as the user’s position, device pose, sensors value, creating context- and location awareness (what’s nearby), and featuring the status of the device as a whole (e.g., hardware status, battery life) that can be exploited by the Positioning Framework or the Experiencing Engine

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