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First Parallel on CSS Light Web Gallery Design Nominees


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First Parallel is currently offered as a service to potential customers and partners. Who do we want to hear from? Creative, marketing, advertising and digital agencies, museums, tour operators, excursion organisers, local authorities, DMOs, malls, high-street retailers.

Our in-house experts, help you get your experience up and running in no time. Prototype work is lightning fast, while pivoting and scenario editing are seamless.

You define your business objectives and our team helps co-define the scenario for the specific experience. We can work with your own creative team or agency, or you can make use of our in-house designers and network of creative and marketing experts.

Tourism: participate in a massive treasure hunt in Athens.

Cultural Heritage: Interactively visit historical sites in Prague.

Education: Play the environmental detective and monitor the air quality in Berlim.

Entertainment: Start your own tribe in London.

Art: Find and exchange virtual records during music festivals in Barcelona.

What kind of Games?

Treasure hunt

Brings players to several predefined locations. Players collect items to progress in the game. There is a prize/award at the finish. Usually has a fixed duration.


Players plan their actions and make decisions to progress in the game. Activities pop-up in several locations, not necessarily linear. Players play against each other.

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