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First Parallel on CSS Light Web Gallery Design Nominees


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First Parallel is a disruptive framework enabling non-programmers to rapidly, create, debug, publish, monitor, and animate Mixed Reality Location-based Experiences.

Entertainment, Education, Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Exercising, Marketing, Social Networking

Significant technical challenges prevent creative people from creating such experiences. The many technologies that must be mastered to create multi participant location-based experiences.

A wide range of applications with huge impact potential

Where do we take inspiration from?

A world gone mobile - 30 Billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020

Codeless Platforms Disrupt - Why limit the imagination of creative professionals by technology. It is technology that should boost and enable those creative thinkers!

15% of IT budgets in companies globally is expected to shift to customer facing apps by 2018.

Total Experience Economy – Who clicks on boring ads anymore? Marketing needs to be relevant and fun if you need those conversions!

New media is taking off – 360 content, AR, VR, Mixed realities. Hard to keep track of those trends but they are going to be the new norm!

The next revolution in computer games is 'multi-participant' and 'location-based'

Radically different from traditional games or their mobile equivalent

Involve multiple participants collaborating or competing in interactive experiences

Blend both real and virtual worlds in the form of augmented or mixed realities

A new and immense playground for creative people